Kalona & Washington, Iowa

CB9 Wireless Internet


Are you located off the cable grid and looking for highspeed internet?
Cloudburst 9 may be just the thing for you!

What is CB9 and what areas can get it?

CB9 is a fixed wireless broadband service featuring speeds of up to 3Mb Download. We currently have radios in Keota, Washington, Sigourney, Kalona, Riverside, Brighton, and Atalissa. The signal reaches 7-10 miles from each community, depending on the terrain, trees and buildings. Most places within 1/2 mile of the radio can receive a good signal even in low areas or through trees. After a mile, line of site is necessary. There needs to be a clear path between our radio and where we can put an antenna on your home. A signal test will need to be done. Then, we install an antenna on your home or business. A cable connects the antenna to a card in your computer. The antenna will send and receive the signal. Our radio will recognize you as a user by MAC address (a unique number on your hardware).

As a user, you have unlimited online service. Your phone line is not used, so you can answer calls when online and do not need a separate phone line. Your computer is always connected, so there is no wait time when you are ready to use the Internet. Service includes up to 6 separate email accounts with free email virus scanning and spam filtering and 24/hr Support.


CB9 Packages:
256Kb – Monthly $39.95, Auto Debt $38.95, Annual (1 Month Free) $439.45
1Mb – Monthly $46.95, Auto Debt $45.95, Annual (1 Month Free) $516.45
3Mb – Monthly $54.95, Auto Debt $53.95, Annual (1 Month Free) $599.40
Monthly fee listed. FCC fees and taxes not included. Speeds listed are the upper limit of download capabilities. Individual connection speeds may vary.


Standard Installation with 2 year service Agreement $99.95
Additional monthly installation fees based on Internet package will apply.
Standard Installation (No Contract) $399.00

Includes equipment and labor necessary to mount antenna to the building, or on a TV mount or tower next to the building; and run wire to one computer location. Custom Installation is variable. Costs will include Standard Installation, plus labor and material costs to install an antenna in a non-standard location.