Kalona & Washington, Iowa

Security Camera Systems


Closed Circuit Television Camera Systems (CCTV)

Providing solutions for recording & monitoring home and/or business with the latest technology that provides you the option to view your system on the Internet from anywhere around the globe!


Do you have an eye on your valuables?

We can set you up with camera systems for:
– Homes – Monitor the temperature and other activity while you’re away from home.
– Barns & Sheds – Keep an eye on your livestock.
– Offices
– Child Care
– Businesses
– Warehouses
– Apartments

Monitor your home and/or business anytime & anywhere with a CCTV system and get the sleep you deserve! Each CCTV camera system is put together to meet your needs and professionally installed by the iTech Team.

Location of cameras must have Internet access to provide the web viewing feature.